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Downtown History Tour


Looking to experience breathtaking scenery with a local viewpoint? 

This 10 stop, 90 minute long walking tour will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history, deep traditions, and cultural heritage that downtown St. John's has to offer.
I will engage your sense of taste, touch, sight, and smell as we explore what its like to live in

Downtown St. Johns in the 1800’s to today!

Quidi Vidi Village


We meet at the Quidi Vidi Plantation front doors where we discuss the land the plantation sits on and why it was constructed.

We look over the wharf to discuss the cod fishery and moratorium of 1992. The we walk to the first registered heritage foundation home. Ill explain the significant of the foundation and

give insight to how it shaped the builds we see today.

One of those buildings being the historic restaurant, Mallard Cottage. Debatably the oldest wooden building in North America. Quidi Vidi played an important role in the 7 Years War between England and France, I take to a view where some of it happened! We end at most notable business in the village, Quidi Vidi Brewery! 

It offers the best views of the gut and this is where our tour ends!

Signal Hill Legacy


The dictionary would define Legacy as a gift or a bequest,

that is handed down, endowed or from one person to another.

Signal Hill is speckled with family legacies I want to explore with you on this 60min - 6 stop tour on the way up to Cabot Tower!


We meet at the Terry Fox Monument located at the base and water front of Signal Hill.

We move past 3 unique homes with deep ties to Cabot Tower.

Our first stop is 1/3 up Signal Hill where we explore

and discuss the dedication

ceremony of a city park to a local family.

I will read historical letters from the provincial archives.
Ill tell a tale of lore about a haunted bottomless pond as

we make our way up to the top of the hill!
We will reach Cabot Tower where I explain the archaeology of the previous grounds.

We walk down the back side of the Tower to the Queens Battery Barracks. Home to 19th century gunners, complete with cannons! I will explain what life was like for a solider living on the hill.
The tour ends at Cabot Tower Gift Shop where you will find the Newfoundland Chocolate Company!

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